All aboard the chain loop trend!


I was shopping for my boyfriend’s dog’s birthday and Christmas gifts yesterday when I stumbled upon this craft store called Hobbycraft. I can’t believe I have knitted, baked and crocheted the whole 6 years I was here in the UK and never knew this shop existed! Hobbycraft is amazing. They have novelty cake pans, cutters and decorations; sculpey of various colours; yarns of different texture and thickness; and everything I ever needed and more.  It was a good thing that my boyfriend was there to stop me from buying the whole store! (or from the embarrassment of having my card declined at the cashier yet again).

I did get myself a ball of chunky yarn (and a book and a snow globe). Initially, the plan was to make a scarf for my boyfriend’s mother for Christmas. I changed my mind, however, when I couldn’t find a scarf pattern that I like for her. Instead, I spent the whole night making a chain loop scarf for myself.

rope scarf

I made myself a chain loop scarf! The lighting in my room made it look very pale blue (top right) but, in reality, it looks closer to the other two pictures.

This pattern appears to be quite popular, as I’ve seen variations of it on the internet recently. It’s really easy and quick to make, and mine is surprisingly quite warm. I followed the pattern from this blog, which I found through Ravelry – another amazing late discovery which was brought to my attention by Tammy, a fellow wordpress blogger 🙂

Making this scarf was fun and all, but I should really get on with my Christmas presents plan – I only have about 2 weeks left before I leave for Scotland!


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