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What Happened With Knitting


If you’ve read the ‘About Me’ section of this blog, you will know that alongside baking, knitting was one of the earlier crafts that I learned. One of my seniors at school knitted a scarf the first Autumn I was in the UK and it got me motivated to try it out. The normal thing to do was probably to ask her for guidance, but being the shy and awkward person that I was (and still slightly am) I looked it up on the ‘net instead. Lion Brand Yarn was the site that I used to teach myself how to knit. It wasn’t smooth-sailing from there on. When I first started out, I managed to make a triangle when what I really wanted to make was a square… It took me many a cycle of knitting and unravelling before I finally finished my first knitted scarf.

I was so determined to finish it, I even knitted on the train!

I can’t remember where I kept my knitted scarf, which is rather unfortunate. The above is the only picture that I have of it, or of anything that I ever knitted. I only ever knitted two scarves in my life as I quickly got bored of it after realising I don’t need that many scarves and I have no patience to be knitting anything bigger than scarves. I wanted to make something I can finish in a day or two, so, I knitted little animals instead. I made knitted dolphins, mice, jellyfishes and monsters; but because they are quite tiny in comparison to the knitting needles, things often get annoyingly fiddly.  So, my knitting passion didn’t last very long.

I do like the little knit animals that I made though. They were really sweet, I thought. When I mentioned this to a friend, who came into my room and saw the little toys that I knitted, she suggested that I try out crocheting. Apparently it’s a much easier and quicker way to make little toys. It was only the year after that I finally took up her advice though and I can only wish I did it sooner. I will tell you why in the next entry.

Until then,