To give or not to give


I’ve realised a behavioural pattern of mine when making things for people. The process of figuring out what it is exactly that you want to make, finding patterns or recipes, and thinking of little alterations you can do to give it that personal touch, are all very exciting to me. But, once I start working on a project and seeing it develop, I start having second thoughts. “What if it’s not gift material?” “What if so-and-so doesn’t like it?” “What if I’m the only person who would wear this?”

Yes, I’m having second thoughts about crocheting gifts this Christmas. I wanted to make crochet jewellery for my boyfriend’s mom and grandma. I’ve finished the crochet part of one of the gifts, and I like it, but I worry that I’d be the only one to find it appealing. Boyfriend’s no help either as he, in his own words, have no idea about anything related to fashion and girly things.

Collar necklace

Above is the collar necklace I initially plan to give to my boyfriend’s mom for Christmas. It’s not yet finished though – I still need to add a row of pearl-like beads on top and scatter some all over the collar. However, I worry that it’s looking a bit ‘old’, and adding pearls are going to make it look older. Boyfriend made a doily comment and now I can’t unsee it. I guess the best thing to do is carry on and see what it looks like once it’s done before deciding what to do with it.


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