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I’m sure you all have noticed that I’ve changed the background of my blog,  to give it that bit of a personal touch. I intended for it to look modern-geometric cool, with a splash of colour because I love bright colours. So imagine my amusement when it turned out looking like a bird, or even a fish, made by a pre-schooler.

I guess the child in me will never die out.


A Window to His Mind


My boyfriend thinks that I have such bizarre thoughts. I don’t think I do – I just have quite an unusual way of expressing myself. He, on the other hand, says the most outrageous things/jokes. Below is a sample of his mind’s works that I drew, just to prove a point.

His infamous 'interrupting cow' knock-knock joke

A panda-eating elephant

A snake that eats seeds (and a little note just to remind him how 'special' he is)

He makes me happy 🙂


Random Sketches


Some of these sketches don’t really have a happy feel to it, but, it makes me happy knowing that I made it. So, I’m just gonna leave it here.

Sketch of keychain boyfriend gave me for my birthday

Drawing my Siberian husky plushie

Scared of being happy...

What trust is all about

I kinda feel like drawing now, but, I can’t seem to find my pencils anywhere… I keep losing my things 😦