Friend-Inspired Amigurumi


The Summer before I started my final year of university, I attended an almost-exclusively Entomology Field Course as part of my degree (we did have a Bird day and Mammal day as well but the rest of the 2 weeks was focused on bugs and other creepy-crawlies).  There, I spent most of my time with 4 very interesting characters that inspired the following amigurumis.

There was a guy who enjoyed monkeying about. He would tease and annoy the 4 of us to no end but, for some reason, others in the course never saw that side of him. He would never be caught dead wearing anything but a blue t-shirt (he’s got loads) and his dark blue tracksuit, at least not that Summer anyway.

Alongside him, there was another guy, a sweet one, yet so very slow at everything… ‘You have to be careful with delicate things’, I can imagine him say. And ‘delicate’ would be him. He would constantly worry about being sun-burnt and would always put on his ‘farmer’s hat’ whenever we were out and about. He’s a real sweetheart though, and a big-eater too!

One girl was quite mellow and would always have a cup of tea or soup with her while working. She has a t-shirt I really liked that says ‘give me energy’, and I would constantly put my palms on her back and hum loudly as if to transfer mine to her. LOL!

Lastly, there was this hardcore chick, who loves yellow so much that almost everything she owns was yellow! I think she would suit being something more ferocious than, well, a duck, but it was the only yellow thing I could think of when making the amigurumi.

Amigurumi Friends! (Tortoise, Monkey, Mug and Duck)

Again, the base pattern is Ana Paula Rimoli’s. But, the clothing details are all me 🙂


Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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