My First Christmas Cake


I know Christmas was months ago, but, I’ve been posting entries in chronological order so I thought I should continue doing that. Last Christmas, I could say, was the first Christmas that I personally celebrated. Because my boyfriend grew up celebrating Christmas, I volunteered to make him a very special Christmas dinner. It took longer than I thought to prepare, roast and bake things and I ended up rushing against time to finish everything before he comes back from work. I made the mistake of putting icing on a cake while it’s still hot from the oven, and it all melted into a horrible mess. I shoved it into the fridge which helped a bit, I think. Anyway, once it was much cooler, I tried re-decorating it but I didn’t have much time and below was what I came up with.

My attempt to save a half-melted cake...

Don’t judge me, I’m not perfect >.<


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