Nothing wrong with celebrating love


There’s nothing wrong with celebrating love – thought I should reiterate the title of this post as every Valentine’s day of every year, someone around me never fails to mention how wrong it is to celebrate Valentine’s when you’re not Christian yourself. I’m not going to go deeper into this topic because religious debate is rarely a happy thing for me, and non-happy things have no place in this blog. I’m just going to go ahead and say that I love celebrations, especially when it makes you think of those you love and give you an excuse to do something extra nice for them.

For Valentine’s this year, I made mini chocolate cakes with surprise hearts inside for my sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces and cousins. I got this idea from the cupcakes made by yoyomax12. I piped lots chocolate hearts for decorations and had so much fun with it. Something about making things for others just gives me a nice, warm feeling inside. This is true during the process of thinking and creating, and long after I’ve given it to that special person. It makes me even happier when the receiver enjoys the gifts too!

Anyway, I’ll stop yapping about how wonderful I think baking or everything is, and show you pictures instead.


Freshly piped chocolates – hot, hot hot!


You can never have too many chocolate hearts.


These hearts are going to be hidden inside the mini cakes.




Heart with wings.


‘Heart’ deco.


…running out of ideas (and chocolate hearts) at this point – lol!


Leftover surprise hearts.

Some of the cakes didn’t turn out too well so I had no other choice but to eat them myself! I mean, what else can I do? (Yumm…)


Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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