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Say hello to the dog from Heaven!


When I was younger, my dad bought me a children’s story book about Qitmir. Qitmir was a stray dog, who was abused by his former owner and left on the streets to die. When a poor man saw Qitmir, he emphatised with him and shared his loaf of bread. From then on, Qitmir would follow the man and guard him whenever he sleeps. In fact, he died guarding the cave in which his benefactor slept for 300 years, and was brought to heaven as a reward for his loyalty.

As a child who constantly felt taken for granted by her friends, Qitmir’s story touched me. I don’t know when or how, but I started ‘talking’ and being friends with the heaven dog – I even carried a piece of paper with Qitmir’s name on it wherever I go, because I wanted to be there for him like he was for the poor man.

Don’t know what brought the nostalgia, but it doesn’t matter. I now have him as a phone cosy 😀 lol.


‘Hello! I’m a heaven dog.’


‘Look at me fly!’

I pretty much made this through trial and error, as I still haven’t got the hang of doing a gauge swatch. There were many a painful unravelling 😦 But, it was all worth it in the end! The pattern below, taken from Roses and Lilies, was what I started with:


Row 1: Chain stitch until your row is as long as the short side of the laptop.

Row 2: 1 Sc in second chain from hook, 1 sc in each stitch across, 2sc in last stitch. DO NOT turn your work.

Row 3: (working around the corner and into the bottom side of the starting chain row) 2sc in first stitch, 1sc in each stitch across, 2sc in last stitch. (doing 2sc in one stitch at the ends is increasing the size of your sleeve – to fit over batteries etc.  Only increase at the ends, and only until the sleeve reaches the desired fit around the end of your laptop/phone.

Row 4-ish to last row: 1 sc in each stitch around.

Last Row: When your sleeve is the desired length and fit, slip stitch 2 to 5 stitches so that the last few stitches blend in.  Then fasten off and weave in the loose ends.

You can use any amigurumi pattern you like for the body and embroider the face accordingly. For the Heaven dog, I used a body and limb pattern similar to my previous Kiroro amigurumi pattern. I also crocheted 5 chains for its tail.

As for the wings, I found a picture of a crochet angel wings that I really like, but couldn’t find a pattern for it anywhere. So, I tried to figure out a rough (and modified) pattern from the picture and here’s what I came up with:

WINGS (make 2)

Row 1: Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook.

Row 2: 2 sc in each sc around, ch 7. Turn (19 sts).

Row 3: Sc 16, ch 3. Turn (19 sts).

Row 4: Sc 6, sl st into base of circle. Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.