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Santa is coming to town!


I went just a little bit crazy with the gift wrapping this year. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though, despite my aching neck and back. Christmas is so exciting!


Pretty, pretty Christmas gifts!


The ‘heart comet’.


The ‘shooting star’.


The ‘fan explosion’.


The ‘lily’.


The ‘budding rose’.


The ‘rainbow hearts’.


A gift of childhood memories


A Christmas gift from my sister arrived today! For those of you who don’t recognise it, it is a necklace that resembles the brooch-like piece on Eternal Sailor Moon’s outfit.

Moon eternal power... make up!

Moon eternal power… make up!

Eternal Sailor Moon is a character from a Japanese animation that my sister and I grew up with. We did not only like it, we were in love with it! Between the two of us, we probably have collected hundreds of Sailor Moon products. I thought I was pretty much over Sailor Moon (for I am ‘old’ and all), until my sister gave me this. A short fan-girl shriek did escape from my mouth this morning when I opened the parcel she sent me. I can’t help it – the necklace makes me feel a bit sentimental and I miss my sister now. She always has good gift ideas and I still have no clue what to give her!