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Stumbled Upon Past Me


I don’t know how it happened exactly. I was looking up travel insurances all night last night and somehow went to bed having found my old Multiply account. At first I cringed with embarrassment at the things that I wrote and posted – I really don’t want to know how I was as a teenager… I have deleted my account but not before downloading the better pictures of my Food Technology projects! You have no idea how excited I was to be reunited with them once more 🙂 I might update the pictures I used in previous posts but, for now, I will leave them here for you to enjoy!

Decorations and picture taken by me during food photography class.

Chocolate meringue torte before decorations.

Chocolate meringue torte after decorations

Caramelising apples.

Caramel sauce.

Mini apple charlotte fresh from the oven.

Mini apple charlotte with caramel sauce

Baking Pear Puff Pastry

Custard Sauce.

Pear Puffs with Custard Sauce.

Making chilled lemon souffle.

Chilled lemon souffle fresh from the fridge.

Experimenting with bases.

Experimenting with fillings.

Chocolate collar.

My very own Blackforest Layers!

I’ve provided recipes for the above and more in my previous posts so do check out my Food entries if any of them interests you 🙂


Not Sushi (or ‘Sushi’ for The Picky)


I was feeling rather inspired towards the end of last week to invent new things (was probably rather bored too). Following my ladybird pattern, I had a food idea in mind that I wanted to try out. Since the boyfriend stayed over last weekend, I was even more motivated to carry it out as this particular idea sprouted from his picky-eater nature. Story goes – I’ve been craving for sushi recently. I swear, if I had all the money in the world, I would get me a sushi chef and eat Salmon nigiri everyday! The boyfriend, however, does not like rice, seafood and seaweed (and a lot of other things) which is what most sushi consists of. I actually tried to find out if there exists a variant of sushi without the things that he doesn’t like, and all I could come up with is tamagoyaki (literally translates to fried egg). Then, I had this crazy idea of substituting rice with mashed potato and seaweed with tamagoyaki. As I played around with the idea some, I wondered if it was possible to make some sort of chicken roll with things inside. Only one way to find out!

And the results:

(1) Bear-shaped mashed potato
(2) Tuna teriyaki and mashed peas wrapped in tamagoyaki
(3) Chicken teriyaki and creamed cheese with garlic and chives wrapped in mashed potatoes and seasoned tamagoyaki

(1) Chicken katsu
(2) Potato chips, mashed peas and omelette wrapped in chicken patty

Onigiri-style mashed potatoes with tuna teriyaki filling, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried

I was extremely pleased with how well the shapes turned out! Some of the onigiri-style mashed potatoes did crumble apart in the wok so if you want to give this a go, it may help to reduce the size a bit (I made mine a similar size to regular onigiri). Also, do go crazy with the ingredients. There are infinite possibilities for various combinations here – I just went with whatever I have with me at the time.


Dusting Magic


Recently, I’ve been fascinated by latte art. I don’t know why but the simplicity of a white outline against a dark background just entrances me. The same with dusted icing sugar on pies and pastries – simply beautiful. Inspired by this (and to a certain extent, due to a certain someone’s fussiness and another someone’s stubbornness), the following happened.

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My boyfriend requested his favourite Victorian sponge cake for his birthday. It was to be made with no fresh fruits, no fancy, girly, elaborate decorations, but with lots and lots of cream and jam. I love decorating (or trying to decorate), so, as a compromise, I dusted the manliest of all hearts (!!!) on his birthday cake. He seemed rather pleased with it (?). Anyway, I told him he could always turn his cake upside-down and turn the heart into a bum-shaped decor.

It’s quite easy to do. All you need to do is to cut-out the pattern you would like on your cake on a parchment paper, place it on top of your cake and dust away!

Try it.


Pancake Fun!


Pancake with melted chocolate, strawberries and cream

Boyfriend-shaped pancake with melted chocolate and raspberries

Just wanted to share a ‘lil pancake madness. The shape of the second pancake was a complete fluke caused by unevenness of the base of the pan it was cooked on. I’m quite pleased with the finished product – it resembles my boyfriend quite a bit (eating it was quite weird…).


Some Valentine’s Love


I managed to persuade my boyfriend to bake a cake with me last Valentine’s. It was a chocolate cake layered with fresh strawberries and cream, and it was so good! We had a lot of chocolate leftover, which we used to make lots of chocolate strawberries (and apples). I loved the chocolate strawberries but the apples tasted a bit odd. Possibly because they were reaching their expiry date… Anyway, here are pictures for you to enjoy.

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