My clock broke, so I stuck some crochet motifs on it


I’m running out of surfaces in my room to display my crochet creations, so I decided for the wall to be my next victim. I have a clock that has stopped working for the longest time and decided to have some crochet fun with it. Another blogger, Matt, has this amazing idea of crocheting a background for your clock.  It didn’t work so well with mine as my clock is much smaller (and broken), but it still makes for a cute decoration.

For my clock, I cut some white felt into clouds and embroidered eyes and mouths for them. I also did a running stitch around the border – just to give them that extra cutesy. You may have also noticed the little bird motif and the sun at the centre.


Clock turned into wall decoration.

Yup, the crochet motifs sure didn’t fix my clock, but it did make it cuter (no offence, clock).



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