It’s been 4 months (I’m still alive!)


So, I know I haven’t posted for some impressive length of time, but I believe I have a good enough reason. About three months ago, I moved back to my home country, leaving the only man I ever love and some godly good friends behind. Needless to say, it’s been quite tough. I swear, every hour I spent on my own with nothing to keep my mind from wandering, I fell deeper into sorrow. The first few weeks of being home, I kept forcing myself to bake, get high on sugar and then bake again until the exhaustion finally allowed me some sleep. Yup, some painful times were spent.

But, I don’t really want to talk about all that gloomy, depressing stuff – this is my happy place after all! And I’m happy to say that after 3 months of unintentional, self-imposed mental torture, a refreshing holiday to Japan and a daring hair makeover (see below), I’m finally okay  enough to show my presence here. I think, Hello 🙂


Wee, I’m a (bottle) redhead now!

So, brace yourself internet folks, many short updates are to follow.


Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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