A Tale of Two Pair of Shorts


It should come to no surprise how ecstatic I was to finally have my very own machine as I’ve been holding myself back from getting one before I finish my Masters for fear that it will only provide additional distraction from work. My new sewing machine, which I have yet to name, was a gift from my boyfriend who was also sweet enough to pick it up from the shop for me, hide it in his office throughout the duration of my thesis writing, and bring it back to the flat the day after I handed in my crappy thesis. Immediately after, I went on a crazy online shopping spree and got all the basic supplies. I never realised how expensive fabric can be, so I decided to stick with cheap things to practise with for now. I’m also very excited to find a couple of fabric shops near where I live with pretty fabrics costing as little as £1 a metre! I bought a selection and started sewing as soon as my supplies arrived.

I’m a naughty ‘lil machine!

My initial plan was to start with something small and sew a very simple pair of shorts as my first project, but the excitement of it all got me a little bit too ambitious and I started adding zips, cuffs and waistbands with belt carriers to my design. I even wanted to have pockets! Halfway through my sewing, I realised that I don’t have a zipper foot to help me sew the zip. The rational thing to do would be to wait until I get one, but instead I continued on with a presser foot. The result, of course, was not pretty.

My first tatty pair of shorts..

I was not able to sew the zip straight. I also realised that my pattern was wrong, hence why the zip is uncovered. The fit was also quite horrible and all the mistakes that could have been avoided if only I have the patience got me a bit disheartened so I stopped and re-started with my original plan. And I made a simple pair of shorts with elastic bands!

Shorts that I can wear! And yes, I don’t have an ironing board.

I got frustrated towards the end with some mistakes I did and rushed things a bit. But when I woke up the next morning and saw the shorts again, I didn’t think it was that bad. I even decided to wear it out to meet a girlfriend yesterday. I know it’s probably not the season for thin flowery shorts, but I’m kinda proud of what I made.

Shorts are not too bad, if I say so myself.

I’ve ordered my zipper foot and I will definitely have a go at another pair of shorts with zips and all once it arrives. Hopefully I would be able to sew with a cool head then!


Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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