It’s been too long!


Hello everyone!

So, I know I haven’t been writing any entries these past few months. I had to put my blogging life on pause to make way for my other life as a postgraduate student. For the curious, that entails knocking on doors for about 2 months in Belfast, asking people to kindly answer my (well, my colleague’s) questionnaire and also counting graffiti and flags. I’ve also had to move out of my old flat and into my current one before I left so it has been quite hectic. Despite it all, I somehow managed to squeeze 2 weeks of holiday in Scotland, which was a much needed break and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Scotland was amazing and I might upload a couple of pictures but not just now for I am in the exciting times of thesis writing (boo). So, I’m not free just yet. I just thought I’d write a short entry to let you know I’m still alive and will soon start making things and blogging again.

Having said that, I did get slightly unmotivated to do work and ended up making a couple of things.


Sunburst Granny Heart from Bunny Mummy


Bunny with floral detail (own pattern) and a 3D heart ornament (altered from ROXYCRAFT)

Please don’t tell my supervisor.

I’m going to try and not write another entry for at least another month so I can get my thesis over and done with. I’ve missed making things so much and I really can’t wait!

Until then, I hope everyone will having an eventful yet stress-free time!


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