A Poem (By My Sister)


While walking down the memory lane (or more accurately, browsing through people’s old Multiply accounts), I found a poem my sister wrote for me back in the days when I was younger (and emo). The poem was a response to a rather suicidal one I wrote, which she thought was powerful yet so very dark (so I won’t share it here). I don’t think I understood her poem at all when I first read it years back, but, I think I know now what she’s trying to get at. When she wrote it, she was about my current age and it’s weird how the poem feels very familiar. It feels as if it was written by present me, for me.

Yesterday I wondered
Why tomorrow comes
And today I write
my thoughts down

If only now exists
Then where did yesterday go

If only now exists
Why worry about tomorrow

What is the past
When is the future

What of a world that only has now?
Never knowing the years, minutes, and hours
Everyday is today
Today is yesterday
Yesterday is tomorrow
Tomorrow is everyday

If now is the beginning and the end
If now is everything and the only one

What if time is alive
living inside each of us

What if time does not flow
but has always stopped

What would you do?
What stories can you make?
If you only have now

This entry doesn’t really fit any of the categories I listed on my blog, but, it definitely is one of my favourite happy things. I found it in good time as well as I’m feeling overwhelmed with life and work at the moment. The poem definitely serves as a great reminder for me to take things one at a time and to not worry too much about what effects my present action would have on my future. Because, although this is a rather grim way of putting it, who’s to say that I definitely will have one?

I hope no one else is freaking out about the future, but, if you are, just try and take it one step at a time. And, though easier said than done, relax. We’ll be fine.


Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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