Minecraft Baby Pig Amigurumi


It’s been a while since my boyfriend first suggested that we play Minecraft together. I’ve had a go on my own, but, I spent most of my time getting lost and not knowing what I’m supposed to do. ‘Anything!’ My boyfriend would say. It is a pretty cool game where you can pretty much build anything and do whatever you want. I just run out of ideas pretty quickly.

We had a go playing multiplayer in Minecraft last week and it’s much more fun than playing it on your own; at least for me. I get to spend more time on things I like, like my crop farm and breeding animals, while my boyfriend travel to faraway caves for minerals and had to fight hostile mobs! I think he’s starting to see the unfairness in this arrangement as he kept telling me to come to caves with him… I really don’t want to but I guess I’m gonna have to for equality’s sake.

Anyway, breeding is my recent project in Minecraft and I’ve been having lots of fun with it. I love the little baby animals with their disproportionately big heads and high-pitched squeaks! Because they are so cute, I decided to crochet one for myself. I chose the baby pig as it was the first baby born in my farm 🙂

A comparison between Minecraft baby pig and the amigurumi I made

My baby!

They took longer than I thought to make, mostly because I’ve never made square-shaped amigurumi before. I didn’t write out the pattern, but what I basically did was to make a square and then continue to single crochet around the square until I get the size I wanted. At every corner, I will make a turning stitch (which is basically a chain stitch), skip a stitch and single crochet the next. I would also make a slip stitch at the end of every row, make a chain stitch and continue to single crochet around.

As for dimensions of the starting square, I used 5 chain stitches for the head and made about 6 rows of single crochet. The snout and the body used 4 chain stitches which I made into 2 rows and 3 rows of single crochet respectively. The limbs used 2 chain stitches made into 2 rows of single crochet.

If you want to make your shapes more pronounced, you can always sew an outline using the same yarn with an overcast stitch. That’s what I did with the head, body and snout.

I might make more minecraft mobs, but not just now as I have work that needs to be done… If you have any suggestions and/or requests as to which mob I should try out next, do leave me a comment!


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    • lol! I never knew about Ravelry but I have an account now so thank you very much! It’s great to see how different people have different ways of making similar things 🙂

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