A Ladybird Amigurumi Pattern to Try


A few days ago, while I was on the train, I found a little ladybird crawling on my dress. I don’t usually like creepy crawlies, but, that particular one didn’t feel as creepy – that is, until it went into a ‘lil crazy dance, flickered its wings open and closed and flew past me at high speed. When I told the boyfriend about this incident, he was more concerned about its colour than anything else. Apparently, there are orange ones around with bites some people are allergic too. My visitor though was your typical British red with black spots.

Because I was feeling particularly distracted, I decided to try and crochet my own little ladybird – and actually write down the pattern for once. The finished size of the ladybird amigurumi is an adorable 1 1/2 inch.

I'm a seven spot ladybird!

Yummy fruits 🙂

To make this, you would need:

  • red (or orange for the toxic Harlequin lady bettle) and black yarn for the body and head.
  • white and pink yarn to embroider eyes and mouth (or you can use 6mm plastic toy eyes).
  • G/6 crochet hook.
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Stuffing.


R1 = Using red yarn: ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook.

R2 = Sc 2 in each sc around.

R3 = *Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc* repeat 6 times

R4-5 = Sc 18.

R6 = Sc 18 through front loops only.

To embroider spots: Using a tapestry needle and black yarn, bring the needle out at point 1 and insert the needle at point 2. Similarly, bring the needle at point 3 and insert at point 4. As the diagram shows, we are essentially making a box and filling it with a cross.


R1 = Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook.

R2 = Sc 2 in each sc around.

R3 = *Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times.

Fasten off and leave long tail for sewing.

Stuff wings and sew the bottom to inside of wing (where the back loop is).


R1 = Using black yarn, Ch2, 4 sc in second chain from hook.

R2 = Sc 2 in each sc around.

R3 = Sc 8

Fasten off and leave long tail for sewing.

To embroider eyes: Bring the needle out through a point and insert it to a point directly up or under it. Repeat once.

To embroider mouth: Bring the needle out through point 1 and insert at point 2. Pull the thread down to form a mouth shape and secure by bringing needle out through point 3 and inserting at point 4.

Stuff head and sew to the rest of the body. Using the tapestry needle, insert a thread on top of the head and tie off to make the antennae.

This is my first time sharing a pattern with people. If you do give it a try and are experiencing problems, let me know. Enjoy!


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