Pet Amigurumi


For Christmas, I received gifts, not only from my boyfriend, but also his mother and sister. This came as a pleasant surprise to me ‘cos I didn’t even know that they knew I existed! (I wish my boyfriend had told me though, then I would have prepared presents for them too). My boyfriend has told me countless stories about his family pets: his mom has a budgie and a dog, and his sister also keeps her own dog. I thought making them something would be a nice gesture, so, I asked him for pictures of their pet and tried to make an amigurumi version of them.

Jenny the Budgie

Ozzy the Dog

I had so much fun making these!

My boyfriend doesn’t keep a pet at his place but he does have a potted plant. He’s also received a thank-you amigurumi in the shape of his house plant 🙂

I’m a house plant!

The budgie and house plant are both based on Ana Paula Rimoli’s pattern, but, I changed the size and colour a bit. I also added the cheek marks on the budgie amigurumi to imitate the real thing. As for the dog, that is my own pattern 🙂 It would’ve looked better if I had brown toy eyes with me at the time, but I didn’t have any. I had to make a pair using felt instead. Didn’t turn out too bad though.


Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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