But, I want a bird…


While his siblings were looking through Ana’s book deciding which pattern they liked most, one of my nephews told me that he wanted a dinosaur amigurumi. Of course, I told him that I was just a beginner and I can’t make things without a pattern. To which he defeatedly said, ‘Fine, make me a bird then.’

There were no bird patterns in Ana’s first book but he didn’t want to settle for anything less. So, I promised him I would give it a try… Because I’ve knitted a toy dolphin before, I decided to try and crochet a similar shape, add a beak, legs and wings and hope for the best. It turned out way better than I expected!

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My only regret is that I didn’t write down my first own pattern… Again, this amigurumi was so precious that I was quite reluctant to give it away. But, a promise is a promise and I told my nephew to be nice to it. He said he will, and a year later, I found out that he lost it when his family moved to a new house.

‘No, I didn’t lose it… It’s still in our old house. I was playing with it and threw it so it would fly, ‘cos it’s a bird. Then, it got stuck high up between the top stairs. And I couldn’t reach to get it. But, it’s there. I didn’t lose it.’ – was his story.

I’m not too bothered though. I was already aware of that risk when I gave it away. It didn’t change the fact that I successfully made an amigurumi from scratch! And, I have pictures to prove it 🙂


Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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