A Pinch of Sisterly Love…


Learning how to knit and crochet went pretty slowly at first because I was still at school abroad and I was very cautious about spending my allowance on anything other than essentials. It was only when I got my first part-time job in my first year of university that I felt a bit comfortable spending money on my hobbies. Ana Paula Rimoli’s amigurumi book was the first crocheting book I bought, and until now, I would only buy books by her. I just love her designs!

Of course, being in university and working part-time also mean I have less free time. So, I couldn’t really start a project until the Summer. I bought a small supply of yarn, polyester filling and felt and a starter crochet kit to bring back home with me and my parents might have been a bit displeased when they found a stack of non-souvenirs in my luggage (‘you could have fit more souvenirs in there’, they must have thought) but it didn’t matter. I showed my sister the book and materials I bought, along with the scarf and little toys that I knitted. She was probably at least a bit impressed because that very Summer, on my birthday, she persuaded another sister to get me a basket of yarn and other knitting and crocheting utensils! (She herself already bought me a present beforehand).

The best birthday gift. A basket full of knitting and crocheting goodness...

I have no excuse NOT to go crazy with crocheting now! So, I opened my book and tried it out. Crocheting felt very different to knitting. Trying to crochet amigurumi as a first project was probably an ambitious endeavour for me at the time. I couldn’t look up how to crochet rings on Youtube because I have no internet at home and it got a bit frustrating. Then, my sister, who would come by to check my progress from time to time, told me of her friend who crochets coin purses and handbags.

‘Why don’t I ask her to teach you?’

And asked her she did. She drove me (and a friend who also wanted to try it out) to her friend’s house and bought us all some snacks to munch on as we learned the art of crocheting. Her friend started us off with a yarn much thicker than the one I was using to teach myself before. It certainly was much easier to crochet using thicker yarns so if you’re having problems trying to crochet the first time, try using a bigger hook and thicker yarn.

I was very excited to finally understand and be able to follow the instructions of my book. Right after I come back, I started (and finished!) my first amigurumi! It was meant to be an octopus, but, I got a bit disheartened when the crocheted limbs wouldn’t stay the same length and stopped halfway. I added some golden locks on it and made it into a somewhat okay-looking doll…

What I tried to make and what I ended up making

My first unsymmetrically-limbed doll

I gave her to my sister’s friend who taught me how to crochet. After, I made another amigurumi using thick yarn, and gave it to my sister 🙂



Why, hello!

Yea... it's weird...

What I didn’t realise back then was that my amigurumi was inside-out, which explains why I just can’t hide the yarn and had to figure out other ‘creative’ ways to make it blend with the rest of it. Like, giving an egg-shell a ribbon at the back (don’t know what I was thinking of back then). The little hairs were pretty cute though.

I admit they look a little odd, but, I love them still. My sister still keeps the little pink chick in a egg-shell in her cupboard, and for that, and many other things, I love her 🙂



Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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